Our benefits


1. Video tutorials

We try to prepare simple video instructions for each cosmetic device to make it easier for you to use. Customers praise them very much.

2. Expert advice

Our expert advisor will be happy to answer your questions. He knows the issue, has many years of personal experience and knows the products perfectly. You can contact us via e-mail any time. 

3. 17 years of experience

We have been bringing DEVEE and WELLMAXX cosmetics to you since 2007, and we were the first to bring the first cosmetic devices to Slovakia. Our wholesale company Yalong Trade s.r.o. has been an importer since 2007, and for the retail market we founded Kingray s.r.o. in 2010, which brings products for end users.

4. Short selection of only the best

Our goal is not to have hundreds of "low-quality" products. BUT our goal is to have dozens of products, of high quality, that bring real effects.

Manufacturers have been sending us samples of their products for years. We select only a fraction of them.

Our goal is not to offer a lot of cosmetic spatulas from which the customer cannot choose, but a few high-quality ones.

5. Certified devices and also suitable for salons

Our devices have valid CE certificates and declarations of conformity.

6. Customer support

- If you have questions and write an e-mail, we will answer you within 24 hours.

- If you call us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

- The complaints and technical department communicates with you through the Retino complaint system.

7. Service directly with us

Our technical and complaints department knows every device. We measure, repair and service devices.

8. Trusted reviews

Browse the reviews section under the devices and find out real customer experiences.
Our reviews are all from real customers.