Liftmee Peel & Clean

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Liftmee (Germany)

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2 in 1: effective cleansing and gentle exfoliating massage
State-of-the-art vibration technology
Memory function
6 intensity levels
Skin-friendly, hygienic silicone
Suitable for all skin types
Cordless application

LiFTmee PEEL & CLEAN - The 2 in 1 tool for a radiant complexion!

Whether a gentle yet intensive cleansing ritual for every day or an effective peeling as a special treatment - with the LiFTmee PEEL & CLEAN you have a small but effective beauty tool! Fine silicone bristles cleanse the skin, while the vibration technology stimulates the skin's microcirculation. The beauty effect: in just one minute, the skin is deeply cleansed and optimally prepared to absorb anti-aging products.


  • Moisten your face and the LiFTmee PEEL & CLEAN with water and apply a small amount of a cleansing product to the cleansing head, e.g. the WELLMAXX hyaluron5 gentle clean face wash. For exfoliation, use a product that supports this effect and proceed with cleansing.
  • Switch on the device and adjust the intensity and manual pressure to suit your skin's needs. For sensitive skin, select a low-intensity level.
  • Move the LiFTmee PEEL & CLEAN gently over the areas of your face, neck or décolleté that need cleansing. You will achieve the best cleansing effect if you cleanse each area in circular movements for approx. 20 seconds.
  • Then rinse your face with clear water and care for your skin as usual.